From the recording Eight Year Itch


Watching my friends all leave townWatching the leaves turn to brownIt's just another zip code, think it's time to go-go
The thrill is gone, as they sayI loved you much more yesterdayBefore we hit a new low, I think it's time we go-go
One-and-a-two-and-a-three years where we couldn't missThe streets were so clean and the sun always shone on my faceOpportunity knocked and kept knocking we took every oneI basked in the glow and the stress and the mess of my funNow all I hear is my feet telling me to run
Four-and-a-five-and-a-six-and-a-seven and eightYears and I'm done and I'm off to the next thing that waitsThe curtain went down and besides, we were bored with the showDon't care if it's all the same deal eight more years down the roadThere's always a new place for us when it's time to go