We did it, really; an EP you can hold in your hands 

So, this has kind of evolved the same way our move to Athens did.  We just kept saying it, and eventually it happened.  At long last we have in our hands the EP that is called 4 x 2.  And boy are we happy about it.  Happy to be past the navigating of vinyl pressing and metadata (what's a metadata?) and digital distribution (sort of) and all the crap we'd rather leave to a record company while we wahhhh enough about that.  We feel good, and we're proud of what we made. 

Too big to fit in a 45 box, just small…

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We're an Athens band now 

October 2020: the last time we saw fit to bother with a website blog post.  With all the changes the last two+ years have brought, clearly our slovenly website upkeep has stayed just the same.  But we're back, in more ways than one.  Not only are you reading this, but you are witness to the first single from us since January of 2019 when we released Give Me Time.  Four damn years ago, yikes.  Anyway, this time it's a song penned by Greg, called "Thorazine Bender".  

We're trying something different this…

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2020; the year that was, and yet wasn't  

It's been a lot of things, this year.  You can fill in your own adjectives; a few that come to mind to us are challenging, scary, lonely, frustrating, heartbreaking.  As a husband/wife duo, we could at least consider ourselves lucky as a band in that we live together, and could continue (in theory) to churn out music- even more so, being housebound through quarantine.  But it didn't exactly work out to be the creative boon we might have expected.  The shock of a year like this, compounded by the experience…

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All the way from Winston-Salem 

It's been a week and two days since we left Winston-Salem, NC and Heavy Rebel Weekender in the rearview mirror.  It's hard to leave, and depending on how much PBR you consume, it can also be hard to remember.  But there were some shining moments that I'll never forget - the shiniest being out on the big deck in back of the Millennium Center on Friday night, turning to see the boys of Oklahoma's Billy Joe Winghead emerge from the billows of firework smoke.  It was, like, CINEMATIC, man.  And being my…

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Well that pretty much covers it.  Many moments since the last post I've imagined sitting here, writing into the void to all five of you out there.  But now here it is July 4th and Greg's behind me here up in the penthouse packing up his gear and we're hitting the road tomorrow.  We had a great show (first show of the year- June- not bad) a couple weeks ago here in Philly with some bands that I would like to see again and again.  Tiger Tiger out of Atlanta came up, Sit 'n Spin out of NY/NJ have reunited…

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So many platforms. Such little energy. Such news. 

As excited as we were/are to have this website up and running, we're definitely doing a good job of ignoring it, eh?   The plan was to ease away from the land of russian bots and focus on this here dot com, but actually making music got in the way of shouting into the internet.  Well, I'm back with a little news for ALL you who've been waiting and hoping for a new blog entry.   We've got a show coming up - this one with Philly friends and longtime rockers, Jukebox Zeros, as well as friends of ours from…

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New boss NOT same as the old boss 

Well, we got ourselves a website finally.  The echo chamber that shall remain unnamed continues to bore and/or aggravate, and in anticipation of it's implosion, we're ready.  I have, indeed, lost that lovin' feeling.  This one goes out to you, Mark:

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