All the way from Winston-Salem

It's been a week and two days since we left Winston-Salem, NC and Heavy Rebel Weekender in the rearview mirror.  It's hard to leave, and depending on how much PBR you consume, it can also be hard to remember.  But there were some shining moments that I'll never forget - the shiniest being out on the big deck in back of the Millennium Center on Friday night, turning to see the boys of Oklahoma's Billy Joe Winghead emerge from the billows of firework smoke.  It was, like, CINEMATIC, man.  And being my favorite band in all the land, seeing them back together after two years made my eyes water.  If you are unfamiliar with this band, I can't explain it; I can only post youtube clips and soundcloud links and hope that you get to see them live one day.  There's something in that Oklahoma water-

Other bands that I would implore you to investigate include Caveman and Bam Bam from Detroit, Georgia bands Deadly Lo-Fi and Dusty Booze and the Baby Haters (great new record from them, by the way), and North Carolina's Codeine Haze.  I could go on, but attention spans are short and this is a blog about MY BAND.  -But- a couple more thoughts on Heavy Rebel in general - it's a really magic, no bullshit rock and roll party that lasts three days over a July weekend somewhere around the 4th.  Dave Quick and Mike Martin started this thing for all the right reasons 18 years ago.  Dave has kept this going, now with Courtney McCarter Southern for the past few and from everyone involved organizing it to the folks attending it, you can't pack a town with people and a collection of bands cooler than this.  Keep it in the back of your head, because you should go.

Next: the single!  Tiltawhirl is now out; for your digital consumption on all platforms including that one I don't understand and therefore hate, Spotify.  Been getting a few spins from some of our favorite DJs (thanks you gals and guys if you're reading this).  I think this afternoon, I may have completed the editing of the video for it.  If Greg takes a look at this thing and gives me the high sign, then we're gonna be sharing it with you in about a week.  So there's THAT.

As for future music, we have a new song pretty much ready to record here, and holy crap I'm singing it.  We've been hoping one of us could write a song that I could sing and play at the same time, and this is it.  We ALLLLMOST were going to play it at Rebel, but we ran out of time and it probably would have been a shitshow anyway.  Sometimes things work out for the best!

Next show for us is coming up on August 12th- the Rust Riot up in Hopewell Junction, NY.  This will be the 12th one; Mark Collins puts it on and it is quite an impressive collection of cars he gets up there.   So, if you find yourself anywhere in New York state that day, zoom on over.  It's only 6 hours from Buffalo!

That's all we got for now.  Hope you dig the new single; if you do, tell someone.  If all five of you readers out there tell 2 people, that would make TEN new listeners!  Hey, Rome wasn't sacked in a day.  Thanks again to all our Heavy Rebel friends for another round of fun and inspiration.  This one goes out to you, all the way from Philadelphia.  xoxo, Erin and Greg




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