1. Give Me Time

From the recording Give Me Time


I'm chasing the train cuz I'm always so late every morning
When I'd rather being chasing the sunset I see every night
Strange, how it seems I'm always chasing after something
If it isn't my legs, it's my brain running circles as I sit tightly holding in my
fear of things out of my control
if only I could let it go
I'm running my body right into the ground and i know it
This self-preservation thing still hasn't seemed to kick in
Ooh strange, how you know the right thing yet you do the other
When tomorrow seems so far away and that sunset is here and I've forgotten all my 
fear of running out of time
if only I could lose my mind
Is this line that I'm towing just a line
I can't tell from here
Is this time I'm wasting more than time
Is there more to this picture
Nothing but peaceful existence and quiet reflection
This book I just read made it sound like cinch to attain
Ooh strange, how my fickle mind it changes like the weather
Gotta put on the brakes, give up the chase, sunset in reverse to meet me
the finish is the starting line
so let's go
Illusions of finding that new state of mind keep me dreaming
Just give me time, I'll meet you there, I swear
If you can't find the truth right where you are
where do you expect to find it
Stop your running round; nothing to be found that way
oh no no