1. Tiltawhirl

From the recording Tiltawhirl


Breathe… breathe in the air
All the little people look like cutout cartoon figures down there
Cherry-cotton, popcorn, hayseed; pulling, pushing, wind in my hair
Spinning round from sun to shade; while far away, the trees don't seem to care
Remember that time when you dared me to roll down the stairs
Belly full of butterflies, I held my breath and swallowed my fear
Plunging forward, ceiling spinning; hit the ground squealing while you cheered
Laughed until I saw them crying, never thought of dying or a tear
Tiltawhirl, tiltawhirl...
Colors stream right by me while I'm sliding side-by-side and to-and-fro
Rushing in my ears, I hardly hear the roar of people down below
Not a care left in my mind, I'll leave this cardboard world behind
One more spin, I'll reach the sky; the world a cartoon spinning by
A picture-perfect cotton candy world