From the recording Nothing's Wrong


Got up before the alarm this morning, he felt the world was at his feet Washed his face and looked in the mirror and said this is a good day Got off the 47 southbound, stopped by his usual cafe That cross-eyed girl smiled and gave him his coffee and said, now have a good dayTwo steps from the door, his coffee hit the floor... this can't be right
Had this idea for a new song - came in a dream he had last night Gotta work for a living but he'll make the most out of his lunch hour But now noon has come and gone, that great idea that he had It went up in smoke with the gasping computers that surround him Stuck there minding the store, his hit song hit the floor... this can't be right
Just when you get to thinking everything is cool, the pessimist inside you says it must be true Something's wrong, when nothing's wrong. It won't take long, it won't take long. You better watch yourself, stay inside... don't you take any chances, just stay inside
The world is so lovely from behind a window, nothing can touch you there All safe and sound but there's no one around, it's so... peaceful? Found my way in, now I need a way out again. You checked yourself, you stayed inside Didn't take any chances... you know you may as well die, uh-huh
He made himself a pot of coffee, so he could spill it for good luck If he falls on his face or gets his big break, it's still a good day Just when you get to thinking everything that is cool, sometimes your gonna find out that it's really true Good or bad, the answer's really up to you Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong Nothing's wrong... so check yourself.