1. Fugue State

From the recording Fugue State


Writing a song and she can't think of what notes to sing'Cause there's so many notes she had dreamt swirling 'round in her brain.Pick it up, put it down, have a smoke, try a new refrainSounding worse than before, rip it up and then start again
Driving his car and he can't think of which road to takeHe's been here before, but what once was familiar's now strangeWhen did real become dream, all he knows is it isn't fairPulls off to the curb, takes a breath and then starts again
Lies awake for half the nightLongs for sleep loses the fightTurns and sees her husband thereAsleep with dreams, it isn't fair
Glimmers of phantoms beginWaking dreams nearly do her inSo much to worry, so much to worryWait for the pill to kick in, then she'll sleep again
Where has all the time gone toA simple reverie or twoAdrift and lost inside your headStop, reset, then start again
Picks up his guitar and plays the same old riffs againWhile he dreams of days past and then counts the ones left 'til he's freeUnion job pays the bills but it'd be nice to find a girlLights a smoke, sips his Coke, grabs his pick and then starts again