We did it, really; an EP you can hold in your hands

So, this has kind of evolved the same way our move to Athens did.  We just kept saying it, and eventually it happened.  At long last we have in our hands the EP that is called 4 x 2.  And boy are we happy about it.  Happy to be past the navigating of vinyl pressing and metadata (what's a metadata?) and digital distribution (sort of) and all the crap we'd rather leave to a record company while we wahhhh enough about that.  We feel good, and we're proud of what we made. 

Too big to fit in a 45 box, just small enough to get hidden in a stack of LPs, we made the obvious choice of a 10" record.  If it was good enough for Xavier Cugat and the Biters, then it's good enough for us.  An old friend of Erin's from her days in Collinsville, CT- John Squier (JonArt)- was the artist responsible for the remarkable and perfectly perfect jacket artwork.  We got some very valuable mix assistance (again) from Nathan Daniel, who was one half of legendary UBK Happy Funtime Hour sound engineering podcast duo.  We found Joel Hatstat of High Jump Media here in Athens to provide the mastering for us this time, and with the help of all these folks, we have made something unlike either of us have ever done before.  Yeah, everybody says that but we're serious.

The concept turned into “his-n-hers” sides for the record; Side G(reg) and Side E(rin).  Doesn't quite translate to CD, but hey, no format's perfect.  We each got an original and a cover for our respective sides.  That explains it; now you just gotta listen to it.  It's coming out on Wednesday, October 4th, and if you are gonna be around Athens that day…you're gonna see us.  *more on that later*  But from that day forward, you'll be able to buy vinyl, cds, and digital downloads (and other stuff) on our bandcamp page (and all the other digital providers). (like that one everyone uses and Erin talks shit on all the time but go ahead and put us on a playlist, yeah!)  We'll keep you posted on any record stores they make it into.  

Just the next day (10/5), we'll be having a listening party outside at Little Kings, with the extraordinary DJ Kurt Wood.  After that, we're playing that Historic Athens Porchfest on 10/15.  And then, make plans to come to Athens on October 21st, because we're playing our release party at Flicker with two bands we're really happy to share the night with: Loveseat from Indiana, and locals Violent Violet.  

That's a lot of words, but we meant them.  Pretty pictures and sounds to come- actually, here's a little something with a lot of pictures to make it somehow make sense- 




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