Well that pretty much covers it.  Many moments since the last post I've imagined sitting here, writing into the void to all five of you out there.  But now here it is July 4th and Greg's behind me here up in the penthouse packing up his gear and we're hitting the road tomorrow.  We had a great show (first show of the year- June- not bad) a couple weeks ago here in Philly with some bands that I would like to see again and again.  Tiger Tiger out of Atlanta came up, Sit 'n Spin out of NY/NJ have reunited and they came over, and Philly's own Jukebox Zeros stayed right here -all great bands, I want to elaborate but I have to pack.

It's 11:02pm, and our brand new single Tiltawhirl has officially been out for 11 hours and 2 minutes.  We like it; took me forever to mix it but I like how it came together in the end.  Quick aside here, but it's a strange learning curve, recording music.  You start out knowing nothing and just going with your gut and you get some interesting, (maybe rough), but decent mixes.  THEN you start learning stuff and thinking too much and before you know it you've spent a month and a half mixing one song.  Ah well, it's here!  Hope you like.

Gotta go, gotta pack up for road-tripping down to Winston-Salem, NC and Heavy Rebel Weekender.  Its awesome, and I love everything about it.  In it's 18th year now, I think? I could say many things about this magic rock and roll party that happens every year around July 4th, and I will.  Just not tonight.  Next blog post, September!


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