So many platforms. Such little energy. Such news.

As excited as we were/are to have this website up and running, we're definitely doing a good job of ignoring it, eh?   The plan was to ease away from the land of russian bots and focus on this here dot com, but actually making music got in the way of shouting into the internet.  Well, I'm back with a little news for ALL you who've been waiting and hoping for a new blog entry.   We've got a show coming up - this one with Philly friends and longtime rockers, Jukebox Zeros, as well as friends of ours from Atlanta, Tiger Tiger AND...NJ/NYC's Sit n' Spin, back from a very long hiatus.  Gonna be a lot of broads rockin that room in June, and I can't wait.

In other related news, Greg and I have a couple new tunes in the works; working on recording Greg's song right now, and I'm currently in self-hating engineer mode (thanks to UBK Happy Funtime Hour for that term).  If you aren't familiar with UBK HFT, its a very funny podcast about recording, with two audio engineers who are like the Click and Clack (Car Talk) of music production.  I highly recommend it if: a) you make music, b) you record music, or c) you like to laugh.

In the interest of brevity, I think that'll about do it.  If you're free and somewhere near Philly on Saturday, June 16, we hope you can make it to the show.  It's an early one, and we're playing a 20 minute set to kick things off, so if you blink, you'll miss us.  Don't miss us.  

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