We're an Athens band now

October 2020: the last time we saw fit to bother with a website blog post.  With all the changes the last two+ years have brought, clearly our slovenly website upkeep has stayed just the same.  But we're back, in more ways than one.  Not only are you reading this, but you are witness to the first single from us since January of 2019 when we released Give Me Time.  Four damn years ago, yikes.  Anyway, this time it's a song penned by Greg, called "Thorazine Bender".  

We're trying something different this time.  We wanted to get something out to you before another year went by, so December 30th, 2022 brought the video-only release of Thorazine Bender on our youtube channel. We're wrapping up production on a four song EP which will be released digitally this spring (2023).  And to us, digital also means CDs, so yep, our first real physical product outside of homemade runs of 25 discs to bring to Heavy Rebel (RIP- or not?..?).   And we keep telling ourselves that this is the one we're finally committing to vinyl, so fingers crossed for an analog release of this EP as well, depending on dollars and how many years we're gonna have to wait on a pressing plant to get these things made.  Stay tuned, as they say.

But back to that post title- we did make the move we've talked about for years.  We left Philadelphia and moved down here in March 2022.  We didn't technically get to relax until May because we made more trips back and forth than we care to remember to bring all our music gear and LPs ourselves.  No offense to Mayflower movers (they were great, by the way), but some things you just don't wanna trust strangers with.  It was a challenging move, but the reward is great.  Athens has been a great change for us- got our studio dialed in (complete with soundproofing), played a few shows over the summer concluding with two dates with Dex Romweber at Flicker Bar, and most importantly, we now have off-street parking.  Good things do come to those who wait.  Take you for instance, readers- you waited, and we released a good song.  So if you haven't checked it out yet, go on over to the video portion of this website and have a look at Thorazine Bender.  Let us know what you think.  And clearly, any sharing of said video on your part would be appreciated by us.  But feel free to enjoy it and keep it to yourselves.

We'll try to keep you entertained in the coming year, whether at a live show, on a recorded track, or via dumdum content on stupid social medias.  We hear it's the wave of the future, but we'd rather send postcards in the mail.  Anyway, we're definitely glad to be back.  Thanks for reading, and we'll be seeing you in 2023.  -Greg & Erin 


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